Pet and people portrait artist

What I do..

I create portraits of your pet or favorite person in pencil using quality materials


01 - Enquire

Send me an email regarding your request; send photos of your subject matter

02 - Decide

Confirm size, orientation and other requirements and I’ll let you know cost

03 - Instruct

Give me the “Go-head” and I will start on your project

04 - Receive

I’ll send you a draft for review, and then dispatch for delivery after payment is received

About me

I am a Newcastle-based (Australian) artist with a passion for drawing pets and people.

Since my teenage years, I have always drawn stuff, heavily influenced by my father who is an artist producing oil landscapes. I am also a geologist, and after a long time, I took up sketching for relaxation.

I started drawing celebrities for practice aiming for “photo-realism”, and then after a few requests to draw people’s pets, it became clear to me that people love their pets as much as their fellow human beings, and so I embarked on this business to create hand-made memories for pet-lovers, and people.

I produce works in graphite pencil; preferring to use Staedler Mars Lumograph and Tombow Mono100 pencils on Fabriano 250 gsm Bristol paper.

John Bamberry drawing