John Bamberry

Hi, I’m John

I am a Newcastle-based artist with a passion for drawing pets and people. To be honest, I am a professionally trained and highly experienced geologist who at the opposite end of my career decided to turn my art hobby into a business. I have always drawn stuff from my teenage years, heavily influenced by my father who himself, produces impressive oil landscape paintings.

After a long hiatus, I took up sketching (again). I started drawing celebrities for practice aiming for “photo-realism”, and then had a crack at drawing pets. It became clear to me that people love their pets as much as their fellow human beings, and so I embarked on this business to create hand-made memories for pet-lovers, and people.

I currently specialise in graphite, and as a geologist, I appreciate its crystalline properties, which help or hinder my artwork. In the drawings I have gifted people, my measure of success is the smiles and tears (of joy) yielded on receiving my work.

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John Bamberry drawing