How to get your portrait

01 enquire

If you want to consider getting a pet or people portrait done, then best to start with an enquiry where I can help you with selection of portrait if you have several photographs to choose from, and provide you with guidance on the portrait layout

02 decide

Decide on what you need after our initial discussion/email correspondance, and decide whether you want portrait or landscape orientation, paper size, or inclusion of accessories e.g. dog collars etc.

03 instruct

If you want me to proceed, give me the “go-ahead”, and I will let you know of a timeframe for completion. A drawing usually takes me anywhere from four to ten hours, depending on the size and number of subjects

04 recieve

Once I have finished the work, I will send you a draft image for your feedback if any changes need to be made. On your acceptance, I will send you payment details, and send your artwork by mail (or local pickup)


single subject A4-size portrait:  $120 (AU)

single subject A3-size portrait:  $160 (AU)

Prices are for artwork only and do not include picture frames. Postage and handling are included in the price, as are taxes (GST). For other options not listed here, such as multiple subjects and different paper sizes, please contact me.

Guidance for pet photography

I need to receive good quality photographs or images for the best result. Photographs in natural light and good resolution are best. If you do not have these, for example, a deceased pet, then I am happy to do my best with what you send.

When photographing pets, you may wish to be down at eye-level, in even or natural light. Be aware of the “emotion” your pet might show. For example, an alert or happy dog makes for a stronger portrait than a demure or timid pose, such as a scared dog. If your pet does not like being photographed, try to distract it with a treat.

As I work in graphite, I may choose to enhance and convert your images to grayscale for my reference

p.s. this is Byron, our former golden retriever relaxing in our back garden

Byron reference photo

Guidance for paper size and orientation

Paper sizes

Portrait versus landscape

A3 size is the most popular size chosen for portraits and the maximum size I can send via mail without the need for rolling

A4 size is half the size of A3, although I have had few requests for this size


Paper sizes and orientation

Portrait mode is where the paper height is greater than the width and is the most commonly requested mode for portraits. 

Landscape mode is where the paper width is greater than the height, and is suitable for reclined or side profiles 

A3 paper size


297 (w) x 420 (h) mm

11.7 (w) x 16.5 (h) inches


420 (w) x 297 (h) mm

16.5 (w) x 11.7 (h) inches

A4 paper size 


210 (w) x 297 (h) mm

8.3 (w) x 11.7 (h) inches


297 (w) x 210 (h) mm

11.7 (h) x 8.3 (h) inches